Exchange 2000 Duplicate E-mail

I have one user on my Network who gets their inbox filled with multiple copies of every message she receives.  The message comes in normally, and appears ok.  After sitting in the inbox for an hour or so, it seems to start multiplying.  This only happens with items in the inbox.  At times she may have as many as 9 copies of each e-mail.  

The user is accessing her mailbox via Outlook 2000 running off of a Windows 2000 Application Server.  The server has SP4 and all avaiable updates, and Exchange 2000 has SP3.  The user does not have multiple sessions logged onto the app server, and I've scanned for both spyware and viruses, and both have come up clean.  Many users access their mail through this Application server and this is the only one having a problem.

Please Help
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glenn_1984Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I have had this problem with outbound mail, posted it here and at other web sites.
Tried all the "clean up solutions.".

The only way I could clear is was....
Export all email to a .pst
Completely delete and purge the users mailbox.
Recreate same.

So, try whatever easier solution you get here, but keep this one if nothing else works.
hindsightAuthor Commented:
Well one thing I found was for some reason the user had an internet mail account setup as well as her exchange setup.   I have no idea how it got in there, but I took it out, and so far so good.....but if that doesn't work I'm going with your idea.
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