My HD is reporting twice its capacity under Windows


I have just revived an old PC that has been disused for a while.  When I examined one of its disks (a 40Gb IBM from 2001), Windows reported it as 80Gb and every time I have tried to format it, the process takes ages and ends with a message that the drive did not complete formatting successfully.  Despite the error message, the disk appears to be usable!  On checking the BIOS, the drive has the same 40Gb capacity as is noted on the outside of the case.  I am now in the process of trying to install Windows on the disk, deletign all partitions and reformatting to 40Gb (the installer still says 80Gb) as this is the only spare disk I have.

Please could someone suggest what is going on - I am only making a simple media server, but it would be nice not to reformat and start again in a couple of months!!

Thanks in advance for your help!


PS: There is a possibility that Norton Ghost has been used on the disk in the past or that it might have been part of a hardware raid setup...
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DVation191Connect With a Mentor Commented:
First download and try Drive Fitness Test

It works with all drives. Do an advanced extended test. If you get any result other than 0x00, something is wrong with the drive.
If it passes, try running Active Kill Disk on the drive...

This is another free program. It will "zero-out" your drive and might take a while. but once it's done it should be working normally again.
What is Bios Showing? 80Gb? If the Option PIO is there in the Bios, disable this mode and check. Also Have it connected to a different Cable to test.
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