laptop freezes up right after booting

heres the deal folks. ive been trying to get an answer to this question for a while.  the entire question is actually posted in the virus section with the title "laptop freezes up right after booting" no one has answered it and i dont know why.  ive posted  a lot of information there, so please take a look at it and see if you have a solution.  it is already worth 500 points there and i will tack on another couple hundred here, so it will be worth your while to answer it.  PLEASE HELP!
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The next step is to reenable the Startup Group then start disabling individual items until you find the one that is causing the problem.  If you don't have any idea of what it might be, just disable half of the items.  If the problem doesn't return after you restart the computer, the item that you are looking for is in the half that you disabled.  If the problem returns, it is in the other half.  Either disable or enable half of the remaining items, and repeat the procedure until you narrow it down to one item.
If you can boot into Safe Mode, run the System Configuration Utility (msconfig) and use the Selective Startup option to disable the Autoexec.bat and Config.sys files.  Then restart the computer.  Windows 98 doesn't need these files to start.  They are for compatability with DOS programs.  If that doesn't help you can also temporarily disable the Startup Group to see if something in there is causing the problem.  If that still doesn't help you can temporarily disable the system.ini and win.ini files to see if one of those is causing the problem.  Windows 98 should start even if all 5 of those items are disabled.
davdawg765Author Commented:
my laptop did boot up and works fine when i disabled the startup group.  is there any way to correct this?
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I agree fully with that systematic approach, but perhaps we might be able to speed up the process by advising you if any of the startup items are known to be rogue processes that you definitely don't want on your computer.

Take a note of the names of the items that appear on the msconfig startup list and detail them here.  A good page for checking the names of common startup items is

Regardless of the outcome, I believe that it would be good practice to run a few utilities designed to check for known rogue programs and settings.

Hijack This!  - Download the program, place in its own folder, and run the .exe file.
Scroll over and copy the results after scanning the system.
Paste the contents into the text box on this page:
Click the "analyze" button, and take a look at the entries that it flags as "NASTY"
By selecting those entries in the Hijack This results, and then clicking "Fix Checked", it will remove those entries.
*** take care, because "Possibly nasty" or "Unnecessary" entries are often legitimate and needed ones ***

Adaware - Download, Install, and Run.  Go Online and click the "Check for Updates" option.  Close and reopen Adaware.  Scan your C:\ Drive and carefully read the results.  If in doubt about whether any of the findings are legitimate, just ask here first.
Thank you, LeeTutor and CetusMOD
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