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Hi :
    I have setup a VPN to connect to my work computer from home . For that purpose I have opened the 1723 port. I can connect to the VPN connection that is setup up.  However when I try to go to My Network Places and view workgroup
computers the following error message is displayed.
"Workgroup is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this netwok resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions."
"The network path was not found."
I have a BEFW11S4 router

Is there anything else on the router interface that needs to be done?

I would be more than glad if someone could help me solve the above mentioned problem.

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It sounds like you might not be logged on to the workgroup.  So try some of the following ideas:

1) in a command window, use the "net use" command to try aand map a drive:
     "net use p: \\machine-name\sharename"  (If you get an error saying the workstation service isn't started, or you aren't logged in, let me know)
2) if that doesn't work, try it as an IP address:
     "net use p: \\IP-Address\sharename"
3) verify connectivity.  In that command window, try pinging machines by IP address on the other side of the VPN.
4) verify name resolution.  Try pinging those same machines by name.

let me know what happens

Just to be sure of something... try clicking start, run and entering either


computer name and ip of the system you are tyring to access at work.

If those are a no go, then ping the ip address of the system at work.

Just want to verify communications.

kudos to JonSH... his post was not on the screen when I typed.
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I agree with JonSH...

Make sure that you have the same workgroup name on your computer (properties of My Computer, Network tab).  Also, make sure that you have the DNS server from the work network added to your VPN connection (properties of your VPN, properties of TCP/IP, and enter your DNS server).  The DNS is necessary for name resolution.  This will probably the IP of your cable/dsl router.  

You will also need to make sure that the username and password you use to logon to your home computer has an account on the computers you are trying to access.  Otherwise shares may not be accessible.  With workgroups account management can be a little tougher.  

Hope this helps.


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lyptusAuthor Commented:
Sorry it took so long to get back to this. Now it seems I can't get verified. When I try to connect it seems to connects, it verifies my username and password, then when it says registering your computer on the network I get error 733 "The connection could not be completed becauuse your computer and the remote computer could not negotiate PPP control protocols"
Please help.
lyptusAuthor Commented:
nevermind. we were having network problems. we got it working thanks for your help
lyptusAuthor Commented:
the only thing i can't do is ping the machines by name. I tried putting in the ip address of the router as my dns. when i am connected and do a ipconfig the dns is blank.
hmmm...well, does your router provide DNS (is it supposed to)?  If your router gets it's address from the ISP via dhcp, then prolly so.  if it uses PPPoe or some other such, maybe not.  log on to the router, see if the router knows it's dns server.

lyptusAuthor Commented:
the router does have a dns listed.
hmmm...well, change the workstation to use the same DNS and see if it works that way....tho I'm not sure why you aren't getting the DNS from the router when you do your, waitasec, do you use DHCP from this router?
lyptusAuthor Commented:
I'm in the process of switching the machines from dynamic to static ips. When I do a Ipconfig on a machine wired to the network the dns is not the router but the gateway is.
the gateway is supposed to be the router, and the DNS should be able to be either the real dns as reported by the router, or the router itself (proxy dns).  But it isn't going to show up automatically on a machine that has a static IP...when you use static addresses, you have to put in a static DNS as well.

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