Using RPC with java


 i have a doubt and i want to clear it i have to create processes and they will exchange messages between them using RPC now i want to develop this application with the simple J2SDK1.4 pakage without using anyexternal packages is that possible is the Process class a appropiate to use here and are there RPC functions avaiable, Let me kNOW.

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You can use RMI if you're talking about cross-network

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somanchivasuAuthor Commented:
the thing is i will using only a single computer and its really a small project where in the process comunicate ,this all is to implement a election algorithm so is RMI a correct option.

do you want to create different Threads which will be sharing data b/n them running on the same machine??
somanchivasuAuthor Commented:
ya i have seen the tutorials they seem to be good but how can use RPC in them do you have any idea on that i have been given links to RPC by many i will check those and try thanks for the links
what RPC are you talking abt?? If everything is going to run on the same machine why in the world would you need Remote Procedure Calls???
anyway its for you to decide.....
did you find any of the suggestions useful?? havent heard from you for a long time
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