Wireless connection dies after standby/hibernate

have a tablet pc from electrovaya w/ windows xp pro service pack 2 installed.

this is a brand new tablet... every time it goes to standby or hibernate, after coming out of standby/hibernate the wireless does not work... have to restart.

tried disabling/enablding wifi connection, clicking on REPAIR button... nothing... it does not associate w/ any of the wireless profiles i have set nor does it see any network in range.

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Hi loyaliser,

This is not an unusual issue with xp and wireless .
Your NIC may not be sophisticated enough to "wake up" after standby and do "ipconfig /renew" function to be able to regain the wireless connection.

I guess yuou have internal wireless card ?

Check if this option is there
go to start --> run --> devmgmt.msc
go to network adapters and click on your wireless card.
Check to see if there is power management
if yes , go there and uncheck Allow windows to turn this device off to save power
See if that would help

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