How to format WD external hard drive for backing up ibook and win 2k pc?

I am trying to figure out how to format the external hard drive so that I can backup some of my win 2k machine and my ibook
I understand I should partition it on win2k first for the win2k part..and that since it is FAT32 i need to have the partitions no larger than 4 gig...

but the specifics i am not sure how to do?
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this is pure m$ b$, with 3rd party tools like partition magic you can create fat32 disks as big as any disk for sale at the moment. when you created the partition (and formatted it) in a tool as mentioned above, windows as wel as mac, linux, bsd etc, will see/reconize the fat32 disk and you'll be able to read and write to it, you just cant format it. The 4gb size limit is for files only.  you'll have to split your >4gb file's in smaller files however most tools like iso creators/backup tools/zip-rar tools allow for spanning over different files


FAT32 partition sizes are limited to 32GB in size using the native FAT32 file system format tools under Windows 2000 and Windows XP. (The maximum size is 127.5 GB practical and 2TB standard theoretical.)

 The maximum single file size on a FAT32 partition is 4 GB, regardless of the size of the partition.
I gues my anwer was clear enough.

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