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What is the best drive to buy in terms of durability. Western Digital has a 250GB drive which is good while Maxtor has a 200GB drive which is good also. Any comments or opinions on this? Or is there one better.
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I personally prefer Seagate. I have had too many maxtors fail on me.Sorry can not comment on Western Digital as I have not much experience with them.
Seagate however now offers a 5 year warranty on their harddrives.As far as I know they are the only manufacturers of HDD to give such a long warranty
I'm generally not a fan of Maxtor drives either.  WD Drives are decent so long as you don't plan on moving the machine around a lot.  I used to use them in my machine that I would carry to work every day (used to get bumped around quite a bit), and the drives would fail with some regularity.  If I had to recommend a brand, I would also recommend Seagate.  I have a few U320 SCSI drives by them--very durable, and wonderful performance.  
On a side note, I have a few WD's in machines here at my house that I've had running for a few years now, without any troubles, but those machines never really get moved around.  Have a wonderful day!
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
In my opinion, it doesn't matter.  Any drive will do.  They all seem to fail at the same rate - and I've seen a lot of drives in my time.  I've seen more Western Digital drives fail, but I've seen more western digital drives overall.  I'd say this - get the best warranty you can and then don't worry.  And if you REALLY want to protect your data and NOT do backups, then put in a RAID - RAID 1 mirroring - buy two drives of the same size and put them in.  Buy a RAID controller (~$50) and set them up as a RAID Mirror.

Overall, any drive can fail any time.  So as long as you get the warranty, then your investment isn't wasted (I think Seagate is offering 5 year warranties right now, where as Maxtor is only 1.  Most other companies are 3 year though a few also have 1 year drives too).
I agree any drive can fail and backups are critical or at least a RAID system.
However I still maintain my first comment ,  that seagate is the best drive and least likely to fail. It also has the longest warranty.
having been in the IT game for the last 10 years i have seen and used most drives. I can easily say that Western Digital are the best, Followed by seagate and then Maxtor.

The western Digital 5 yr warrantly is superb to....

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I would definitely advise Seagate. I've been using and repairing all types and models.

Main benefits from Seagate: Fast performance 7200rpm up to 15000rpm, 350 Gs non-op shock protection against handling damage and data loss.

Best combination of performance, acoustics and robustness
Best-in-class non-operating shock for excellent reliability
Idle acoustics of 2.5 bels- the industry's best
Easy to use DiscWizard drive installation software
PawloAAuthor Commented:
Ijust bought a 250GB Western Digital WD2500 and put it in my system. If I decide down the road to add another 250GB and put both drives on the promise raid output and set it up to mirror each other how will the new drive get all the info from the original drive as it would be a new drive? It there a program to first copy everything from the old drive to the new drive to get both to be identical?
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Typically, the RAID card will do this for you - it will automatically mirror the disk for you - once you tell it you want a mirror.  
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