Reset button functionality in C#

I am trying to implement the following

Name     Address   ZipCode

x            Jackson    132                 Edit     Reset
(the above data is default)
I make the changes with 'Edit' Button

Name     Address   ZipCode

x            Simpson    456                 Edit     Reset
When i press the 'Reset' Button, i should get the following(should change to the default values)

Name     Address   ZipCode

x            Jackson    132                 Edit     Reset

How do i tackle this one?

Any help is appreciated.  Its urgent

My application is in ASP.NET and C#.

Can i get an example code
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It's not clear how or when this data is loaded into what kind of data structure - are these just fields or a list view or...?

In any case, the principle should be to maintain a set of corresponding variables in your load method that keep the original values, and then to load the values back in the Reset method

private string m_origName,m_origAddress,m_origZip;
private bool m_flg=false;
public void OnLoad(...)
    m_origName = Name.Text;
    m_origAddress = Address.Text;
    m_origZip = Zip.Text;
    m_flg = true; //set flag to indicate we have original values stored

public void OnReset(...)
   Name.Text = m_origName;
   Address.Text = m_origAddress;
   Zip.Text = m_origZip;

Please tell me if this helps
How I do is, make a clone of the object which you have populated. User can change the object, but when he/she presses the reset button, as you have saved the clone copy, populate it once again

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anagmAuthor Commented:
The data(original values) are loaded into a grid, when the page is initialized.

The original values is a record in the database and it is the first record, with description 'default'.

i am using the <itemtemplates> to load the data into the grid
anagmAuthor Commented:
armoghan, can you give an example
You need to implement ICloneable Interface on the object.
see this as a start up

see the reference of IConeable from MSDN

see this example for generic method of cloning.

Now you keep a copy on server side or Session and reset to it when required
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