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I have a report using Euro(€) as a currency symbol. I am using chr(128) to get € symbol.
The report being executed through concurrent program. I set destination format as PDFin conc program.
When I run the report through Conc Program, the ghost view is showing the symol € and if I give print from ghost view the symbol € is printing But If i opt printer in applications
then report is not printing. It appears to me something like the Pl/sql code is printing.

If I set  post script format in conc Program the symbol € is not printing in both ghost view
as well as report output.
I am using reports 6i in  oracle apps 11i.

can any one analyse the problem please.
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  From Reports 6i Release Notes on Euro support:

 13.1.3 Euro Currency Symbol Has Limited Support

There is limited support in this release for the Euro currency


To enable a limited use of the Euro symbol in this release, you

must do the following:

1. If you are using Windows 95 or NT, update that operating

system with the appropriate Euro-related patch from


(Windows 98 already contains the Euro support.)

2. Install Microsoft TrueType fonts that contain the Euro


3. Verify that your database and client NLS_LANG character sets

both support the Euro symbol. If you will print the Euro

symbol, Euro support on the printer is also required.

Microsoft has reserved hexcode 0x80 for the Euro symbol. To

enter the Euro symbol on keyboards without an explicit Euro key,

click the NumLock key to enable the Numeric Keypad, then click

Alt + 0128.
Venkat_yAuthor Commented:
Please once again go through the described problem .

1. I already said i am using chr(128) fro that symbol.
And I also mentioned the report is being printed through ghost view in athe applications.
Hence  Reports 6i  Euro support, Windows, Printer support ....can be ruled out.
My problem is If i directly print through concurrent program in the application the report is
output is not printed .

I am thinking the problem lies rughly with areas like  PDF format, concurrent programme and Unix. I don't know exactly where the problem lies. I appreciate if any one give the right direction.
You are right - your Adobe installation in Unix is wrong or missing.
By the way, it is not a PlSql, it is an Adobe code (Adobe files are built using Adobe internal code language)
As the result of wrong installation in Unix there is no correct driver which able to manage printing in Adobe format (PDF/PostScript)
and, therefore, the not interpretted file content is being printed.
Ask your DBA for help.

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