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Dear Support,

I wrote a standard asp page use Dreamweaver MX which it connect to the MS Access database use DNSLess connection methold.  

The list of table show the company's order history, by date, item#, description, unit price.  Once the sales order has been generate after customer check out the shopping cart.  The update order history will show on the order list table.  

How I can write a vb script to refresh the browser on the situation without click on the refresh button from browser?

I wrote a javascript for timer to refresh direct browser, but I like to do the refreshing from server IIS data directory.  or send the script to current browser to refresh automatically by itself.  

I also will pay the compensation if someone will do the plug-in programming for me.
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To answer your question.

HTML is a stateless connection between client and server.  This means that the server cannot notify the client to update itself.

BUT, what you can do is periodically refresh the page and poll to see if the database is updated:

 <%@ Language=VBScript %>
    <%...DB logic check if order was processed

          IF OrderComplete THEN
               Response.Redirect "OrderComplete.asp"
          Response.Expires = 0
          Response.Buffer = True
          Response.AddHeader "Refresh", "10"
         END IF
    <H1>Processing order...Please wait</H1>

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