I an new in C++. I just program in Delphi and Java. Where are the windows forms?

Hi folks,

I know this is a very NEWBIE question but it is a question :)
I use Delphi and Java to program and never "touch" in C++. I just bought one book from DEITEL (C++ - How to Program), but i didnt see any WINDOW form. In Delphi, i work with FORMs. In Java, i use the SWING library to develop GUI. And in C++? I heard that MS Windows and many others programs and GAMES were created with C++ but i didnt imagine how someone could develop it if i even dont see any FORM in my book :(

Could someone give some "LIGHTS"? I will deeply thank you if you indicate some TUTORIAL or ARTICLE about my NOOB question.

Best regards for everybody... If you have time, take a look at my personal Delphi/Java website (it´s in portuguese language.... sorry) - http://www.capablanca.com.br

Best regards.

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First, in my opinion, the Deitel book is not a very good C++ book, as there are some inconsistencies there. You can find some good programming books on www.accu.org.

Second, if you want to do GUI programming, you should pick up a specific book on it, since C++ standard does not specify anything regarding GUI, e.g. if you want to create GUI for Windows, any Visual C++/MFC textbooks will tell you how to do it.

I have never programmed using Delphi before, so I don't know how Delphi GUI programming works, but C++ Windows GUI programming is mainly using Document/View architecture, where the document is (normally) used to hold the data, and the views are (normally) used to create a graphical representation of the data. You can find more specifics on any good Visual C++/MFC books.
joelsilvaAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much man... Sorry, but what is MFC?
No problem,

MFC is Microsoft Foundation Classes, a collection of C++ classes that (mostly) encapsulate Win32 API (interface with which you interact with Windows OS), while providing some additional functionalities. You can also create GUI directly using Win32 API, but I believe it'll be much easier if you start with MFC first.
There are other GUI toolkits you can use besides MFC.  See:

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