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datagrid horizontal layout

I'm almost sure I have seen this before but it may have been in a dream or something hehe.
The defaut layout for the datagrid is vertical.
I was wondering if there was a way to line up date horizontal.
Vertical layout
Total - Item
1         546
3         324
5         234

horizontal layout
Total  1       3     5
Item  546  324  234

I was hopeing to do with  datagridlayout = horizontal....that would be awsome
 but i could redo my sql to make a pivit table that would work too.

thanks for any help
1 Solution
hi buddy,
Yep, sometimes it's a dream but you know with programing, you can make you dream come true buddy.:-) , the important is ideas, like yours.
About your dream, with me, you will give you my 2 bad solution, may be...:-)
1.You can horizontal you data with datatable, no need to use datagrid, you can add rows one by one with your data retriever, DataSet or DataReader.
2.With datagrid, just an idea, haven't tested, you can bind every row for every column like this :
' .... with the H_reader is your datareader
dim H_grid as datagrid
dim H_column as datagridColumn
dim H_tableCell as TableCell
While H_reader.read
H_tableCell.text = H_reader("anything")
H_column.InitializeCell(H_tableCell, i+1, ListItemType.Item)
End While

Nice day
j_tippsAuthor Commented:
Didn't there used to be the option to share points between two answers on this web site?
OO well couldn't find that options this time around.

Thanks alot to you both of you.  
I gave the point to Hendrik becuase thats the solution i'm going and provided with code.
I think vinhthuy_nguyen's option one soultion is the same idea as in the link.

Thanks again guys.  maybe you can talk to somebody about bringing the split points option back.
It's ok j_tipps, no need to split the point, Hendrik actually give a perfect link that make thing clear and update me a lot.
Nice day
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