cdo problem with sending email

i am trying to set some of the settings in an email such as priority and xmailer etc...

in the code below if i comment out the botton 3 lines it works fine

trying to do any of the bottom 3 lines give error...

how are the bottom 3 line done whast the code to do them..i belive there wrong

                .Fields.Add("", "0") 'basic authentication 1
                .Fields.Add("", "") 'set your username here
                .Fields.Add("", "xxxx") 'set your password here
                .Fields.Add("", "240")
                '.Fields.Add("urn:schemas:mailheader:comment").value = "Welcome Msg Sent From ArgoDragon E-Mail Manager"
                '.Fields.Add("urn:schemas:mailheader:x-mailer").value = " 2005 - ArgoDragon E-Mail Manager"
                '.Fields.Add("urn:schemas:httpmail:importance").value = 2

aka Pern
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etmendzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I did some reading and it seems that the urn:schemas syntax are taken from standards. So my guess is you cannot Fields.Add them anymore. Try treating them as existing fields instead. Say:

 .Fields.Item("urn:schemas:mailheader:comment") = "Welcome Msg Sent From ArgoDragon E-Mail Manager"

Have fun.
etmendzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think the urn:... syntax are for MS Exchange Store, OWA or WebDAV. Are you targetting an MS Exchange Server?
ajaikumarrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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GlomConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Put a try-catch directive between your 3 lines that give the error
and use the innerexception to see what really happens

    .Fields.Add("urn:schemas:mailheader:comment").value = "Welcome Msg Sent From ArgoDragon E-Mail Manager"
Catch(ex as Exception)
End Try

JohnnyAuthor Commented:
ok i found the urn fields have to have item as the statement...

i font get errors now but i do not get it to display there a way to control inportance,priority and xmailer etc fields other then cdo...
and thx how to give points ill take sugestions...

JohnnyAuthor Commented:
whats fair to award oints to who and how meny... any sugestions?

JohnnyAuthor Commented:
i guess it wont work so i devided the point as i used um...

its not gonna work..wish there was a way!!

php does it go figure there not in microsoft at all

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