Print the username on each page of the printed document.

I am looking for a solution to actually print the network logon username on each page of the printed
documents as footer. This will allow me to identify the owner of each page that is printed in our company.  We currently use HP LaserJet 4000 Series, HP LaserJet 1300 , HP LaserJet 1200, Fuji Xerox Document Centre C400 and Document Centre 405 printers.
Is there any way that I can configure or download any printer driver to meet my needs?
Pls advice.
Thank you.
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Printing the user name on every page might cause some problems, as users my not want that on documents that need to be sent outside the company.

The only way that may come close is to use the "Watermark" that is available in many drivers. Also, some apps like Word, allow you to do it as part of the header or footer, and you can even put that in NORMAL.DOT, so it becomes part of every new document (of course, the user can then remove it while editing the doc).

The best way to do it is to use separator pages, which will insert a page with user details *between* print jobs, rather than put the name on every page. You can modify the .SEP file so it prints from a different tray, say on coloured paper, so they really stand out.

To enable separator pages, go to prinetr Properties from the Start menu, click on the Advanced tab and on the Separator page button. Select the .SEP file you want. If you want to edit the file, you'll need to know both PCL (or PostScript) and separator-file syntax.
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