Iomega NTFS drive permissions

I have an external Iomega usb/firewire drive, formatted as NTFS.  I am using MAC OS X.  I have only read only access to the Iomega drive.  Permission shows read only and does not have option to change to read write.  I am logged in as administrator.  How do I change the permissions, so I can write to the Iomega drive?
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Hi ballshar,
Well, its not a matter of permissions. I don't know which version of X you have but none of them can write to NTFS, they are all mounted in read-only mode. There are rumors of Tiger being able to but the same was said for Jaguar, and now we are at Panther, lol. You could use Partition Magic or something similar to revert the filesystem back to FAT32 or a number of options like that but Mac OS will not write to it. I know, it seems ridiculous.


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As NA says, OSX (and Linux and FreeBSD and Solaris) can only read NTFS not write to it.

If you want to share documents on a machine, I suggest you set up a partition with FAT32 on it, as that can be written by both.

Or, you can get MAcDrive

or MAc Disk

Which would let you read the mac formatted disk on a windows machine.

As stated the 'read-only' nature of ntfs from a *nix machine is a function of the 'compiled options' of the kernel.  Doing what Scorp888 says (move the data it to a fat32 drive) makes sense.

if you come across hurdle #2 (the NTFS permissions won't let you even READ the data, b/c you're not recognized as it's owner, etc) i've used this in a pinch to be able to grab a clients data from a dying NTFS drive that didn't want to give up the ghost b/c of it's security settings: 
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