Samba 2 / Windows XP - Folders not refreshing


I am in the process of setting up a samba domain and having a refresh problem with Samba shares.  For instance, when a user on Windows XP goes to create a new folder, it doesn't appear unless you go to "view -> refresh' and you will notice the change.  This happens with renaming, deleting, etc.

Can anyone offer a suggestion so you can instantly see changes done from Windows XP to samba shares.

Thanks a lot!
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From what I  have been able to see on the net, this appears to be a bug in samba with no current fix. You could try changing
HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Update in regedit. On the left pane, double click UpdateMode. Change the binary value from 01 to 00. Restart and Windows will refresh at a faster rate.
I don't quite sure abt this will help or not, but worth to try to decrease the buffer send size of your samba server to Windows might help.

have a look on this one
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