Call Center Speech Recognition VoiceXML Businessmans Questions

We were asked to construct a Call Center Support Site based on speech recognition. Please let us know what equipment we have to buy. Where can we find the hosts ? WE HAVE A WINDOWS 2003 DEDICATED SERVER, WILL THAT DO ? How to program a sample site ? How to charge customers ? What equipments do customer require ? Does it work only for VoIP? Telephony ? Can it be used for normal IE browsers ? How is the quaility of such systems ? What are the general pitfalls ?
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Hi SandeepThite,

Even for 500p you are asking a lot. You would have to pay a consultant to give you that information. If you want to be able to build a Call Support Center YOU should be able to make those decision, we can't. Since it looks like you are new to that business I suggest you start reading about it yourself. There is a site that has links to companies which provide Speech recognition solutions and that's where I would start:

SandeepThiteAuthor Commented:
Thank you. Please can somebody still help.
griessh is right, it's a pretty much work for this.

I'll try to generally explain how would i set this up:
I'll do some sql base for storage of all questions and answers. This base should be as bigger as possible.
Base should also contain user profiles (that has information about users that is registered for support).
When someone want to access web's technical support server should ask him for user and pass validation that is stored in internal base (could be easily done in PHP or something).
There should be engine that can do a search of the faq and knowledge base based on topic or part of the topic that is entered in the search field.
For the speech recognition part you should have some speech recognition program like Dragon Naturally Speaking. In fact, you don't really need program, you just need part of it that is supposed to translate voice to text, something like a api. Using this api you can do a speech to text and parse results to web or access database directly to get the results. This results should go in reverse process (text to speech) and played to customer.
You can even use speech to text as login process (user tells his password for entering base).
VoIP is easier solution. It's possible to use telephony also, but you will prolly get less better result than VoIP becouse of the noise. This can be done by using telephony interface that will usually already have some support for voice response which you can't use becouse of the specific demands.
For telephony and voice recognition hardware demands depends on the frequency of calls. If you have frequent (or very frequent) calls, you need piece-of-art computer as server (or "ultimate power" plaform).
For this solutions customer can access support with telephony, voip and internet.
Offcourse, internet is almost best solution for this. Telephony and VoIP is "less accurate solution", but it will work.
For someone that will set this whole thing up, it needs pretty much knowledge of plenty of things, and it will COST MONEY.
Consider already existing solutions for this (to be honest i did not check if the software for your needs already exist).

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