How can clients access their home folders from WAN.

Hello Experts,

I'm running debian 3.0 woody server as internet gateway and also samba sharing on LAN for aproximately 50 clients. As a firewall I'm using shorewall . I would like to my clients connect and uplouad also download their files from their home directories from WAN. So what is the bast way to make it work ? Tha main priority is that it have to be very simple for clients because they are not realy IT people so when I tell them use scp or pscp or event ftp clients it wil not work. Can enybody give me some ideas please? If more informations is needed pelase ask..!!


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    Do your client use M$ Windows PC?

    If yes, basically, they want to be able to drag-n-drop GUI, right?

    Then all they need is FTP client GUI such WSFTP or smartftp (free). So giving them the ftp URL and they just need to type in username and password. The rest is do the mouse clicking...

    By the way, smartftp support mouse left click for URL (in email or wepage).

    Those things don't need to have IT background.


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the safest option is to use scp, namely winscp, this is a freeware program and can also use the scp://<hostname>

you don't want to share your samba live across the internet but you could also considder a vpn type sollution like tinc or pptpd. pptpd has the advantage that you windows clients do not need extra software.

Have you had a look at winscp? Its a graphical scp client - If they can use windows explorer they can use winscp.
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LuxanaAuthor Commented:
sorry folks for delay I was having hard time in school,

so yes I know about scp and winSCP but there is problem that my clients from security reasons have in /etc/passwd default shell /bin/false so they are not allowed to login at all. So I can't use scp .

to wesly_chen ,

yes I assume thet they are in 99.9% windows users. how to setup ftp that clients can see only they onw home folders? is it possibel that cliants will access folders from browser?


   A lot of unix ftp server such as wuftp, proftp have chroot feature, which user can only see their own home directories.
Access ftp from browser? Yes, most of browser support ftp protocol.
All you need is provide username and password such as
User can skip <password> and the browser will prompt a window for password.
This will login to their home dir ( ftp home can be set to different to login home directory ).
So the user only need the internet shortcut on the Wndows desktop as

Double click on the shortcut icon and type in password. Then the rest is drag-and-drop.

By the way, put your ftp serer in the DMZ or open TCP port 20/21 to ftp server.

LuxanaAuthor Commented:
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