Samba file names

I have funny file names comming up on my Samba (on FD 2) when seen from within my application.

Files like OE#INKRS.dat should show up in the DOS Accpac application as the name after the #. So it should be INKRS but it shows up as 8AB~I and when I use explorer to look for this, there is no such file around. This happens whenever I have to select a report name or import file (in other words access the file system) from withing Accpac.

So where does this funny file name come from?

My workstations are XP or Win98.

Alex AngusDirectorAsked:
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See this explanation on filename mangling in Samba:


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Alex AngusDirectorAuthor Commented:
The file names all follow the 8.3 naming convention and are created by the application which was originally designed for Novell networks then adapted for Windows but kept the DOS naming. So this is pure DOS and I am aware of long file names in a dos environment.
But this is something else I have never seen in my 30 odd years in IT. Then again I have been in the mainframe, Novell & Microsoft sector and am new to Linux and only once toughed a Unix machine.

I am certainly new to Linux/Samba and am having some strange things happen with this Samba server on Fedora 2. My last one I did was RH 7.3 about 2 years ago and that worked like a dream and did not have all these funnies.
How does it change a file name of OE#INKRS to 8AB~I ? Does the # in the 3rd position have anything to do with it? If so why does the Samba on RH 7.3 work fine?
Alex AngusDirectorAuthor Commented:
Did further tests and have the situation where I have the funny file names from 4 PC's but not from the main PC where I originally copied the application from.

The main PC also runs the applications fine but the other systems will not run applications correctly as the file names are wrong. Why is everything fine on the main PC. Is this something to do with ownership of the files, therefore everything fine from the one main PC that was the source of the application and data?
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