Watermark removal and differences of images.

There is an animated gif image I want to remove the watermark from (I'm using Photoshop/Imageready 7) for an assignment I'm doing.
I was just wondering what the best way to go about it was.
I was thinking you could take the difference (somehow) of all the seperate frames and it would give you an image of the watermark then you could somehow subtract that image from the rest of the frames.

Please help, it is quite urgent.

Thanks, Malcolm
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will_scarlet7Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Malcolm,
The issue you are going to encounter is that the watermark is part of the image of each frame of the animation, hence you will need to midify the animation frame-by-frame and remove the watermark, eithr by using the clone tool or recoloring the watermarked area by hand. If the watermark falls on a blank part of the fram then it will be easy as all you'd need to do is delete it, but if it covers part of the image then you have a more complex task of rebuilding the part of the image under the watermark.

I would suggest searching on line for Photoshop tutorials on making watermarks and find one that uses a technique similar to the matermark you have and trying to reverse engineer the process.
once yo have image of watermark, make selection from it's transparency (i.e., watermark pixels selected), and then use stamp/patch tools, if appropriate.
however, you idea may be feasible... you have to provide some info on watermark.
I agree you may have to go frame by frame and modify each image. If you can find the typeface of the watermark that would speed up the process imeasurably. Then you could overlay the type as a mask and increase or decrease the colour saturation with a bit of antialiasing or feathering.
DirtieAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all your tips.
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