Crystal Enterprise - Report Viewer Error - The export format 'U2FXLS:5' is not supported

I recently had a question answered on how to fix the authentication type drop-down list on the Crystal Report Viewer logon page in Crystal Enterprise 8.0 ( ).

Having fixed this problem by copying the later version of the file Wcs_xn_reportviewer.dll to the C:\Program Files\Seagate Software\WCS\Components directory, I now find that some reports will not export to Excel from the viewer.  I get the error message:

The export format 'U2FXLS:5' is not supported. [On Page Server: CRYSTAL.pageserver]

This is the problem I had as a result of applying Crystal Enterprise 8.0 Service Pack 1, which led to me reinstalling CE, which led to the logon page drop-down list problem, which I fixed, which led back to having the problem I started with - not being able to export some reports into Excel format.

I need to know how to fix this issue without reinstalling and re-creating the other problem I just fixed.

I have already spent a fair bit of time researching a solution to this one, but as noted ended up reinstalling as a last resort.
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So some reports will export to Excel without a problem, but then certain ones throw an error?

Do you have Crystal Reports 8 or 8.5 on the same machine as the machine that is runnig CE?  If not, I recommend installing it and opening the reports from within CR on the server and testing them.  The bsic rule is that if you can run the report in CR on the same box, then CE should be able to execute the report as well.
Is there a common thread to the reports that won't export?  For example are the problem reports the only ones with subreports?  Do they all hit the same database?  etc.?
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STGFAuthor Commented:
I have run a couple of reports on the server machine, which has CR 8.5 installed as well as CE 8.0 Standard.  It seems that The reports that are exporting OK in the Crystal Viewer export OK from CR to Excel 8.0 format.  The reports which won't export from the viewer create an error in CR and the program shuts down.

The reports which generate errors in CR on the server machine are exporting OK from CR on workstation machines.

All reports hit the same database.  There is no common thread that I can identify which distinguishes the reports which will and won't export.
STGFAuthor Commented:
I looked at the version of the file U2fxls.dll (in the C:\WINNT\Crystal directory) on the server machine, and it was  On the workstation, it was  I copies the older version on to the server machine and renamed the newer version.

This appears to have fixed the problem with CR generating an error when exporting, but at this stage, it doesn't appear to have helped with the viewer export error.
STGFAuthor Commented:
I seem to have fixed this problem myself, but I'm not sure how.  I copied the older version of Wcs_xn_reportviewer.dll (refer back into C:\Program Files\Seagate Software\WCS\Components, which gave me my original problem back.

I then copied the newer version of Wcs_xn_reportviewer.dll back in again, and the exporting works fine.

Thanks for your help, sorry I can't describe better what the problem was or how I fixed it!
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