Unknown device - finding the driver - episode 2

I received a very good answer from Caza13.  He referred to a Microsoft article which clearly explained how to use the register to find the vendor information of "Unknown device"s shown under the Device Manager.


To identify an unknown PCI device, follow these steps:a.  View the registry entries in the folder that appears in each of the registry subkeys under the following registry key:
b.  Note the Class registry entry with the Data value of "Unknown".
c.  Record the following information of the parent registry subkey where this value is located:
Vendor ID
Device ID
Subsystem ID
Hardware Revision ID

But none of the subkeys had a "Class" entry of "Unknown".  All of them said "system" or "modem" or something else.

Could this "Unknown device" be somewhere else in the registry?

This device does not trigger a search for drivers on startup and yet when I opened its properties it had not been "disabled in this profile"

I don't understand what's happening.

Incidently the system is Win98se and has also stopped recognising a twinmos III USB-2 flashdisk.  The USB-1 port and flashdisk both work fine.  So it is something to do with the driver, which I have of course uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail.  There is and has been no virus.

Could it have something to do with a Logitek keyboard which I have installed?

I mention all of this incase there is some connection.

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BillDLConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Man, that site is a nightmare to navigate and find the correct resources and downloads.  Here's all I have managed to find so far on that site:

Technical Manual:

Additional Technical Manual:

List of Motherboard Revisions for D1170 showing Processors:

Here's a much better place for downloads, and easily navigable:

Because your motherboard is an Intel 810E, the Intel driver files will work equally well, if not better, than the ones I can't find at the Fujitsu-Siemens one.

Do you need to install the "Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility " (Inf Installer)?

YES for Windows 98 or 98SE for the 810E board:


Here's a good list of downloads (choose 810E NOT 810):

Details of the chipset in full:

Chipset Drivers for 810E (Choose Win98 or Win98SE):

Other drivers (Check which ones apply to your operating system

So, I advise that you download and install the most recent version of the Intel "Inf Installer" that applies to the 810E board running Windows 98 or 98SE.
nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you want to know the unknown hardware, use this, then download the driver for it, and install, or post the device here; :

blue_zeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Have you tried EVEREST Home Edition:


It may help you identify the device and locate updated drivers.

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... jsut popped in here to track this question ;-)
PhysicistmConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Not quite sure ... but sure sounds very suspicious like some additional internal devices that motherboard uses ... I myself would give it a try and update the windows drivers for the motherboard .... and look up fresh drivers for any other devices using in  computer...
This problem occours on some computers when there are IRQ or DMA channels conflicts in which case some hardware components are not fully recognized ... also try updating Windows 98 unsing Win98 update ....

I hope this helps ..

Yes, I tend to agree with Physicistm from the information we have.  Have you tried reinstalling the chipset drivers from the CD that came with your motherboard or computer?

No feedback...

Alistair7Author Commented:
Unfortunately I don't have the original CD.  I used drivers from the Siemens site which seemed to be OK.  Although I recall the driver options being somewhat unclear, despite the fact that I used the PC model number to find them.  I'll try to locate those again and reinstall them.
I have some details from the question that you asked previously in which caza13 offered suggestions:


Just for others' information, here are the details:

Fujitsu-Siemens Scenic eT D1170
Serial No: YBRA098493
Pentium III motherboard

In that question, nobus provided the url

I will have a look and see if there are any specific web links that I can find, just to verify that you have the correct driver files and that there are no siiues that need to be patched by downloads from there or from Microsoft.

Out of curiosity, does the modem and audio work OK?  Sometimes you will find with a modem that has "voice" capabilities, it also asks for a driver to install what is known as "Wave Device for Voice Modem".  Until this is done, it sometimes sees it as an "unknown device" in Device Manager.

Not sure if you were aware of a utility file named "usbview.exe" on your Win98 CD in the folder \tools\reskit\diagnose.  Copy it to your desktop and run it.  This can help to show whether usb devices are being recognised.

Good work Bill !
If it works, and if that IS the problem.  Baited breath  ;-)  Have you tried to find anything relating to anything but the current models on that Fujitsu-Siemens site, nobus?  It's hell on earth and the designer should be shot at dawn and fed to the dogs at dusk!


Could you, please, take a look at this and maybe post a couple of suggestions?



Wow.  blue_zee asking ME something!!!  OK, but if you've already been there I doubt you'll have left any stones unturned  ;-)

Alistair7Author Commented:
Thanks Bill for all the effort.  Looks promising.  Give me a week to try it out.  I've been sick the last few days.  I'm not sure when I will be working on the Siemens next.

Totally agree with you about the Siemens web site and the guy responsible.  Shot drawn and quartered would be my recommendation.

Thank you, Alistair7 and LeeTutor
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