need a little help

I was just thinking about something.
Say you have a list of like maybe 1000 links or ID's.
I only know a little c++ not any other languages but if i wanted to write a program that would say open my web browser, and go to each link one by one, how would i do that?
any idea of a example code.
lets say you have a linke like www.somelink.ID=somenumber 
and you wanted to cycle through all those ID numbers one by one
so it would open the browser to www.somelink.ID=20
                      then a few seconds later go to www.somelink.ID=21   and so on.

Have any ideas?
thanks in advance?
I have a good idea how to write the code just got a idea how i woud get it to open my browser and actually run the program to do what i want it to do.


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Try looking at the ShellExecute command...

basically you would have a for loop which assigns your url to a string, then do a shellexecute on that url.

url = www.somelink.ID=somenumber
HINSTANCE status =::ShellExecute( 0, NULL, ( TCHAR * )qt_winTchar( url, true ), NULL, NULL, SW_SHOW );

or something similar...

hope this helps
sorry I posted QT libaries in the above shellexecute function.  disregard the qt_winTchar function.

J_2023Author Commented:
I think that is what i am looking for! I need to read up on my c++ book its been a year since i took any c++ classes.
but i think that makes sence now thanks
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