Folder Maping in Outlook Express

Hi All.

I have some Folders of Outlook express 6.0 (.dbx) located on another Hard drive of my Server other than Application Data store.
Is is possible to Map these individual folders(other than inbox/sent/draft/outbox etc..) so that my outlook express can view those folders as well as the inbuilt folders of outlook express 6.0 (inbox/sent/draft/outbox etc ...) ????

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Hi atulltd,

One way I can think of is this

let us say you have original set of folders in your OE now and the would be
inbox , outbox, sent items ,deleted items etc
Now created a sub-folder for each of those called
inbox_2 , outbox_2 , sent items_2 etc.

Now in OE , go to tools --> options --> maintainence --> store folder and look for the path
now close outlook express.
now go to that path and you should see

inbox_2.dbx , outbox_2.dbx etc

Now before you do any further change, make a backup of your first set of folders and second set in a different location .
Now rename the second set of folders as inbox_2.dbx, outbox_2.dbx
copy them and paste them in the store folder path that you navigated above.
now open OE and see if all the folders and files are present

atulltdAuthor Commented:
Thanks SR,
Need to be a bit clear about my question.
I want that the new folders manually created by me in outlook express 6.0 should be located on another Hard disk of my same server or either on another Remote Server.
However, the inbox,sent,outbox can be on c:\ itself. !!!!!

You can create 2 identities then in OE but you would have to switch between identities..
One identity would have one set of files in C
and other identity would have another set of files in wherever location you want in..

atulltdAuthor Commented:
However my basic idea is to free up my Server disk space where my users are using the maximum of disk space throught outlook express.
Now creating more identities will fill my server space due to duplication of inbox/sent/outbox etc...
Can anyone suggest to accomplish my task using a single identity ???
> Now creating more identities will fill my server space due to duplication
> of inbox/sent/outbox etc...

Not necessarily . You can create a new identity but you can put the store folder to the mapped network drive or in a different location other than C drive that you were talking earlier... Remaining basic folders would not create more space...
it is only the emails that consume many..

Yours can be achieved with one identity ONLY if you want to store all the emails in one location..

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