create AVI from images

I have written an application which loops through a series of images (much like those doodles that you do in the bottom corner of a notebook as a child) and I want to create a video from it. The file type is largely irrelevant be it MPEG, AVI, WMV or whatever as I am going to use it as a stream for Windows Media Encoder(WME) to form a .WMV file which will include rights management.

I am currently playing around with the screen capture part of the Windows Media 10 Encoder but it uses a huge ammount of system resources and the destination computers are not all that powerful.

So to reiterate the question...

I have a picturebox in which the images change based on the ticks of a timer control and I need to get some form of video file which is a duplicate of what is being displayed in that picturebox.

I don't want to have to use a 3rd party control so would really appreciate or class code or a class
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Hi BioChemist,

Maybe look at this

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The_BiochemistAuthor Commented:
The code required an almost complete rewrite to port it from the example given in the tutorial to a workable class, which was annoying but hey... thats one of the joys of programming! lol and it also gave me a chance to port it into

I had been looking for so long for a pointer in the right direction and even used codeproject a few times but obviously got to that point where you can't see the wood for the trees.


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