Linksys WRT54G DHCP problem

Hi i had a new Wrt54g. I think is a V2.

Now I have the satori firmware installed, but I have the same problem with other firmware even the original.

My problem is with DHCP. The AP has the same configuration as others that work fine.

The problem is that between 120 and 180 seconds, DHCP renew IPs. Never at same time!!, usually between 120 and 180 seconds. DCHP leases time, will be 0, by default (0 = 1 day). But how it don't work, we try to set to other values, 60, 150, 300, 1000, ..., but always renew IPs between 120 and 180 (when set 150, don't renew at 150).

This happen with Wireless and RJ45 coneccionts (I don't try Internet port, only the first local port).

WRT54g, is in a roof, I can reboot, with telnet or disconecting power cable, but can not press RESET button. My Pc is connected with RJ45 port.

Thanks all

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dacerAuthor Commented:
Yes, press it, several times until leds blink.

I'm going to see this links
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