Outlook 2003 Multiple Rules problem


I've got a bit of a problem with the Move Email rule,

I've got 3 accounts, and i have 3 rules to move each email from each to a specified folder, i.e. All emails from account 1 will go to folder Account 1

until here everything is ok, but the problem comes when i specify that a determinated emai will go to another folder, outlook copies a message to the account 1 folder and to the email folder, i don't want this because i'll have 2 copies of the message forcing me to manually erase the message that goes to the Account 1 folder.

i.e. I set a rule that emails from experts exchange will go to the EE folder and to the Account 1 folder.


Why is it copping the message to both folders?
Is there anyway to avoid this?
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marc_nivensConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You will need to make changes to the Account1 rule.  In addition to the "move to folder x" option in the rule, you will also need to check the option that says "stop processing more rules".
When you created a rule , did you select

Move it to a specified folder
Move a copy of the email to a specified folder

Check that. I am pretty sure I have done in Outlook 2002 in such a way that if an email comes to a certain email address, it goes to inbox and then immediately moves to the specified folders.

JunkManAuthor Commented:

i've tought about that as well but it is actually Move it to a specified folder, that why i think it is odd.

one question that i only come up with now, do the position of the rules affects the position that they are runned?

if so i have the Account 1 rule on the bottom if i put on the top it will run the others first?

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I donot think it matters but you may want to try .

Try one rule at a time and test by sending an email and see if it first goes to the specific folder.
JunkManAuthor Commented:
No... nothing

even on the top or bottom it copies the message to both folders.

i think there is no solution for this. at least that i'm aware of.. this would be easily solved if we could set a rule exception on the Account 1 rule..

witch i think will be very dificult to.

thanks for your help anyway..
sunray_2003Connect With a Mentor Commented:
So you have tested with just one rule and even it doesnot work , is it ?

First make sure your outlook  is updated
Let us say you are want to move emails from experts-exchange to folder EE
create that folder under inbox
now create just one rule

start from a blank rule
check messages when they arrive
from people give the email address of experts exchange from which you get emails
Also give through a specified account
move it to a specified folder and give EE as the specified folder

now finish the rule and run it

Does it not do it
JunkManAuthor Commented:
Ok found the solution,

Marc, you'r a half right,

it needs to be set like this,

emails from people on the top with stop processing more rules activated and the rules for the accounts on the bottom.

becouse you both were very helpfull i'll split the points
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