Changing Passed Parameter Values in Crystal Reports for a Stored Procedure

Ok, Just needing a Quick response.... I have a SQL Stored procedure that requires two values to be passed to it, these are @QueryDate and @PrevWeekLoop.

When i first specify the Stored Procedure in Crystal it comes up with a box where i set up the Parameter Values, i.e. i specify 18/06/2004 for @QueryDate and @PrevWeekLoop as Zero, after taking both of then off Default to Null.

Now, i work on the Report for a while, previewing it a few times, but also updating the SQL Stored Proc a few times too, Clicking Update Database every time. The Crystal Report will always find the changing and update itself.

Now, After a while, after changing the SQL Stored Procedure, the @QueryDate and the @PrevWeekLoop are now suddenly defaulting to Null and i can't find a Screen to specify any defaults. Also, When i press the Refresh Report Data button, it prompts me with 'Do i want to use the current parameter Values or do i want to Prompt for new parameter Values' ... After selecting the Latter, no box appears and my blank report appears in the Preview screen (Which is being caused by Nulls being passed for both Values)

How do i edit the values that are being passed to my stored procedure??

I'm using XP and CR10.
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bdreed35Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I haven't experienced that behavior before but take a look to see if you have Saved Data With Report et.

If File, Saved Data With Report is checked, then select to remove the check.
After this, you should have to provide values to run the report.
mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I haven't seen that either but I don't use Stored Procedures very often and most of my reports stay relatively static as far as data structure changes.

Cloud9_UserAuthor Commented:
Well.... it seems to have stopped since i selected Refresh Store Procedure on PReview in the main options.

Either way, You both had a go so i'll split the points

Thanks for the Effort!
Glad i could help

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