MAC os 9.x and 10.35 and SnapAppliance 4500 after crash


we have a power failure (they are starting to become far to frequent here). and the SnapServers go off line when the batteries run out and the macs are logged in working on their shares.

After the power comes back and we boot up the SnapServer

All the Windows PC's can access all of their information without a problem.

The mAC's are a different case though.

The OS 9 machines, when you try to connect to the server, instead of giving the list of shares, they just seem to time out, and all we can do is reboot the MAC

The OS 10 machines come up with the list of shares, ask for the credentials, and then time out trying to connect.

If we connect via OS 10 using SMB:// to the snap server instead of the list of shares comes up and we can put in our credentials and connect.

We are really stuck on this and can not find the solution to this problem.

Anyone seen anything like this.
RaybansTechnical ManagerAsked:
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NetworkArchitekConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Raybans,
On the OS X machines, if you go to a terminal and do a "disktool -r" does it work then?

RaybansTechnical ManagerAuthor Commented:
that command makes little difference
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