problem is :

i am using three gateway system for my network users to access internet,( ISPs are diffrent diffrent ) now suppose if internet stoped working on one gateway then each user ve to change there gateway to other.

i wants to give them internet access where they don't need to change like this ,BUT i don't want to install any hardware for this nither any dedicated new system.

what i was thinking is can I use three dhcp server instead of normal ICS gatewat server.

And is there anyway to trap all user internet activities without proxy ... and if only proxy is there then which is best in which i can get the complete log of user internet activity?

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Hmmm...  Ok first off, you can only have one DHCP server per subnet. Even still you would still have the problem of users gateway settings updating, or deciding which DHCP server to lease from. What software are you currently running?  What are the clients running?

As for monitoring internet access you will need a proxy of some kind.  As for which is best, well if you do a google search you will get substantial replies.  I hear apache is quite good.  MS Proxy, there are many varieties.

As for your connectivity issue, complicated.  Possibly dead gateway detection might work.  I have never actually used this, but in theory, you can specify multiple gateways, enable Dead Gateway detection.  The DGD will determine if a gateway is down and then route to the next gateway.

Under the advanced options of the clients tcp you can specify extra Gateway address's.  DGD will use these.  You can also specify multiple gateways via DHCP.

http://www.winguides.com/registry/display.php/886/  This enables DGD.

kmanigAuthor Commented:
SORRY..i means to say is i don't want to install any hardware neither any new system for this... if any software is doing so that can be tested ?

kmanigAuthor Commented:
DGD is not such nice solution.
even if gateway not down then also internet stops working for 1-2 minutes. which makes lots of trouble for me...

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