Unable to login to yahoo messenger. Behind firewall.

I am not able to login to yahoo messenger as my firewall has blocked it. Is there is work around ?
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Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

Remove the block in the Firewall?

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if it's not your firewall, ask your admin why it is blocked and if the response is that it's not a business application, accept that and get back to the work you are supposed to be doing ?
ChillAmmarAuthor Commented:
I cannot remove the block in the firewall, neither can i ask my admin to do so.
Just curious abt whether there is a work around for it.
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You might want to see if their is a HTTP proxy that your comany has. If it's their then put that in Messenger->preference->connections-> use proxies.


simply click "firewall with no proxies" and that will allow you to acces yahoo messenger since it will use port 80 for connections. But if you have NO internet access or your firewall is intelligent enough to recognise yahoo messenger and block it it will not work.

Try those. That should usually work. If not you are out of luck!

Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

Please refer to this:


Regarding this question.

If it's not allowed through your Firewall then contact your Administrator. If not - tough.
You are expereincing what firewalls are intended for. Allow nothing, unless explicitly desired. If you can't contact the admin of the firewall box then, as Chris-Dent said....tough. Not to be cruel, but you have no choice. The firewall is doing what it was configured to do.
ChillAmmarAuthor Commented:
Hi, Thanks All ..
It seems that there is no work around for using Yahoo messenger if my firewall has blocked it.
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