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Terminal Server. Users default printer keeps changing.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It appears that this issue has been brought up and addressed hundreds on times in this wonderful forum, and I've sifted through most of them, but I'm embarrassed to tell that you that I still can't quite figure it out.  So I'd like to take one more crack at it.

I have a Win2k Terminal Server.   I have users that work both in the office and at home and have implemented roaming profiles on the network.   Can't seem to get my arms around the common denominator but here's the symptoms of one user in particular.

Her home PC is connected to a local printer (not sure whether or not she actually prints to it while she's VPN'ing, but I'm going to assume that her home PC sees this as her default printer).

When she gets back in the office, her default printer in the office is changed.  So she resets it.  Then of course the next time she logs in at home and then comes back to the office, its changed again.

How do I tell terminal services to maintain the user's default printer, especially when she's in the office?

Thanks folks!!!
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On your users Home machine's version of Terminal Server Client you need to set it NOT to connect to local devices DiskDrives/Printers/SerialPorts. If she has multiple Terminal server (remote desktop) connections to various servers this has to be set for each instance. That will prevent her connecting from home and the terminal server adopting her home local printer.
Hope it helps
Also, I beleive you can control this at the Terminal server in question.
Log onto it  and go to admin tools>terminal services configuration
go to the Client settings tab
place a check in the box for disabling Windows Printer mapping.

Hope it helps
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