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I have VB web app. I would like to have hyperlink on page that opens a separate page and after separate page is closed the first page is there. Hope that makes sense. Example: My page is used to schedule orders. The hyperlink will show a page with orders already scheduled. Both pages will be open at the same time.

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process.start(hyperlink)...would take care of this and a new window will be open for ever process.start...i hope this helps
Donnie4572Author Commented:
Only I do not understand where to put this line. Hyperlink properties?
call a method when the hyperlink is clicked and use process.start in that method...
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you can set the target property to 'new' and that will cause it to open in a new window.

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Donnie4572Author Commented:
Very Good Biochemist. Works Very Well and simple.
PS - Let me just add one thing...

'new' could be anything really as long as it is NOT the name of a frame in a frameset. If you use the name of a frame in a frameset then it will cause the page to be displayed in that frame and not in a new window.

e.g. a page with two frames named frame1 and frame2,

Target=Frame1 will put the page in frame 1
Target=Frame2 will put the page in frame 2
Target=BOB will open the page in a new window

Just thought i'd clarify for completeness sake calling the target new was just an example!

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