Not able to see new hard drive in Windows 98

I have recently purchased an 80 Gb hard drive to add to the one I already have installed on my system. They are both Maxtor ATA drives.

I connected the new drive to the primary IDE cable as a slave (un-jumpered) and retained my previous hard drive as the master on the same channel.

I can see evidence of the installation in the CMOS setup utility but when I start Windows98 I fail to see the new drive in My Computer.

Is this a Windows98 problem or is there something else I have overlooked?
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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You won't see it until you fdisk (to create a partition) and format it in Win98.
Callandor is right, download a boot disk from, or use the Win98CD
I'm glad I could help, but why a C grade, which is the lowest grade you can give?
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