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Our Marketing firm is looking to mass e-mail approx. 15,000 opt-in survey respondents every other month with an HTML based e-mail directing the respondents with links and instructions.  What kind of services might you recommend?  Vendor recommendations welcome.  Thanks.
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Serena HsiMarketing ConsultantCommented:
I currently use iBuilder from VerticalResponse. All you need to do is pay a per email broadcast fee. They do have a private label product where, if you're a marketing firm or ad agency, you can manage your clients' email campaigns and share email credits among the entire group of campaign clients you have. The service is entirely web-based. However, you're only allowed to broadcast your own in-house lists. Their campaign tracking tools allows you to download opt-in/unsubscribe/bounced email lists, so you can manage your email database. You can access campaign reports online, and you can schedule broadcasts to go out on certain days. There's an annual fee associated with the private label iBuilder, but other than that it's a decent webapp to use. http://www.verticalresponse.com/

I have looked at Jangomail, but seeing how my clients don't broadcast on a monthly basis, it doesn't make much sense to pay a monthly fee for something I'm not going to be using that often. From looking at their demo product, I'm leery about people stealing my inhouse data after I upload it to their site. So, I haven't considered Jango for email blasting. You can ask for the demo account through their customer service and look at email campaign tests that others have done using the demo account.

There are a few standalone apps I've looked at as well, but you need to have your own email server or have ISP service that you can broadcast from.
One good service is www.resultsmail.com.  Also take a look at www.lyris.com - they offer both ListManager, a bulk mailing software you run from your own system/network, and ListHosting, a bulk mailing service.
mmurray46 -

>15,000 opt-in survey respondents

Is it double opt-in or single opt-in? How do they sign up in the first place?

- duz
Personally, I think L-soft's ListServ (http://www.lsoft.com/) is the grandaddy of the mailing lists.
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