Check Harddrive space and total drive listings for all servers

I have a list of servers (actual servers on our network) that I am returning from a SQL stored procedure query via a datareader - what I would like to do is to cycle through of the of records returened and check and display the harddrive space and drives on each of the servers - Is this even possible and if so, how?
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maybe look ,


or you could use WMI
sorry forgot the link for wmi
I see the link for WMI was for VB6,

but this is how it is done in .net (don't forget to reference

Public Function GetDiskSpace() As System.UInt64
Dim diskClass As _
New System.Management.ManagementClass("Win32_LogicalDisk")
Dim disks As System.Management.ManagementObjectCollection = _
Dim disk As System.Management.ManagementObject
Dim space As System.UInt64
For Each disk In disks
If CStr(disk("Name")) = "C:" Then
space = CType(disk("FreeSpace"), System.UInt64)
End If
Next disk
Return space
End Function

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tbaseflugAuthor Commented:
RonaldBiemans -

How would I displaythe results to a web page?
tbaseflugAuthor Commented:
Also, how would I use the above to reference a harddrive of a remote server?
'create your string from the variables
Dim strOutput as string = disk & " has " & space & " kb Free"
'write it to the page
in the interim before finding out how to  reference the drives on a remote server with code you could map them as local drives and set the permissions for ASPNET. It is not the best solution but certainly the easiest!
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