Windows 2000 - NTBACKUP Tape Overwrite

I am using NTBACKUP (not command line method) to do my backups.

The version is 5.0 by Veritas.

How do I setup the backup job to overwrite tapes for each scheduled backup?

My other solution is to use the command line in a script to overwrite my tapes but I would like to use the NTBACKUP from the GUI.

Is there a better solution?

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When you create a backup job, you should see the option to overwrite data on the media, which will overwrite, rather than "append" which won't,

If you're using the backup wizard you'll need to click on the advanced option to enable overwrite as append is the default,

Deb :))
j4piperAuthor Commented:
I don't see the advanced option button.  I have an options button available under Tools but no where do I see append or overwrite.

Are you trying to edit an existing job or schedule a new one?
j4piperAuthor Commented:
Also, when I run the ntbackup from the command line I get;

The requested media is not blank. It was created from another application. Continue: Yes or No

How do I force the command line to never ask me this question?

As you might know, I am trying to make this backup be non-interactive so I can run this at 2AM.
I use veritas exec now - but I seem to remember this being a pain with standard nt backup on a tape drive which is what you're doing?

From the gui - I think the problem is with the name of the media - you need to keep that constant for the media that you're using if it's say a dds4 tape etc.

Start the backup wizard, make your selections drives, system state etc.-

Trouble is with tape drives it always defaults to New Media, unless there's another media label in use, if it's a new tape select new media, otherwise you'll see a list on the drop down list. Then when you click next - you get the finish screen which is where the advanced button is. If you click on this, you then get additional options, (I've just checked this out on my 2k test server running the same version)

ie Type of backup - next
Verify and compression options - I always use verify to check all is ok - next
Then you get options of replace data or append - select replace - next
Then you get the labels - and the defaults aren't helpful, especially if you're rotating tapes,
Depends on your backup sets but if it's a simple say Monday to Friday routine, for Monday give both labels the label Monday

The media label is what it looks for on subsequent jobs I think so you need to use a fixed media name - click next, set your schedule, and ensure that it's using an admin account ie someone with permissions to logon as a batch job I think it is -

Give it a job name that's easy to recognise ie Monday
Then set the schedule ie Weekly on a Monday - so long as this media is in the drive on Monday it should work without a hitch

There is a glitch I beleive in pre-sp4 that can cause an error re - media not blank, so patch up to SP4 if you haven't,
You receive a "The requested media is not blank" error message when you use Ntbackup.exe

Hope that helps,

Deb :))


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