Window Explorer, Internet Explorer, Control Panel, My computer all give application error

Any of the above programs will give the following error when opened:

The instruction at "0x70bd1c29" referenced memory at "0x0000000". The memory could not be "read"

The PC is a compaq M700 laptop with 512K ram, service pack 4, operating windows 2000.

Steps taken so far:

Memory switched, no change.
Ran scan disc - no errors found
Ran ad-aware and virus scan, no change
Logged on as a diffrent user with admin rights but issue was the same

All other programs opperate normally.
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SheharyaarSaahilConnect With a Mentor Commented:
great,,, so u can close this question now :)
plzz read here on How to close a Question >>

Thanx & Cheers ^_^
Hello JamesGrover =)

Have u tried SFC Scan yet ??

Goto START>RUN and type, cmd  (hit enter)
now type, sfc /scannow  (hit enter)
SFC scan will start scanning ur system
u will need ur Win2000 CD in order to fix the corrupted windows system files, if found by scan.
JamesGroverAuthor Commented:
Ran SFC / scannnow, problem still exists.
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hmmmmm same problem in safemode also ??

Also just try this, goto IE>Tools>Internet Options>Advanced and under Browsing untick Enable Third Party Browser Extensions(requires restart)
Restart and now check if same problem is happening ??
JamesGroverAuthor Commented:
That option is not available to un tick
hmmmm that options shud be available in a porper install of IE !!
Which version of IE u are using... is it fully updated ??

can u plzz try running this tool:
( site credit goes to Ramesh >> :)
JamesGroverAuthor Commented:
reinstalled ie6 and it worked
Cool :)
is there anything else which u need to ask or this issue is considered as closed =)
JamesGroverAuthor Commented:
Issue appears to be closed.  Thank you for your help.
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