Please can anyone describe for me what is a EAP and where and in which way it is useful.

Please don`t mention the definition used in Webopedia. I studied it but didn`t got the exact point. Please describe it in detial.

thanks in advance.
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fadiramadaConnect With a Mentor Commented:

EAP is used in computer security and it is a
"protocol" or a standard for authenticating a
user (in other words making sure the user
is who he says he is), much like you "authenticate"
when you log in to windows. The difference
between EAP (which stands for Extensible
Authentication Protocol by the way) and any
other protocol is that EAP is meant to work
for a lot of things and is not meant to
be proprietary, or owned by one company.

Hope this clears things up,


Fadi Ramada,
Network+, Security+
gavin_wickensConnect With a Mentor Commented:
dineshb_2001Author Commented:
Hi fadiramada,

 It`s me once again. Please I am in hurry. Please let me know the way to find out the HomeAgent. Atleast you give me steps to find it out. I am tensed as I have to submit the presentation on this tuesday to show the way for finding the HA.  

Please Please Please Fadi.  Help me out.

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