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DNS - Forward Lookup

I have a Win2k server with internal DNS running. DHCP is running on network and hands out the server IP as the DNS server. Clients are registered in the reverse zone, but not in the forward lookup zone. I have done nslookup and received the following:

Default Server:  w2k-server.local

set query=soa

Server:  w2k-server.local

*** w2k-server.local can't find local: Non-existent domain

set query=soa

Server:  w2k-server.local

        primary name server = w2k-server.local
        responsible mail addr = admin.local
        serial  = 3
        refresh = 900 (15 mins)
        retry   = 600 (10 mins)
        expire  = 86400 (1 day)
        default TTL = 3600 (1 hour)
w2k-server.local        internet address =

How do I fix DNS so all my client machines have A records and PTR records?

1 Solution

Is your forward lookup zone active directory integrated and enabled to accept dynamic updates? You can check this by right-clicking on the zone - yourdomain.com under forward look up zones - properties, general tab,

Deb :))
Hi there.

Deb's on the right track. The setting I believe you're looking for is in the DHCP server setup. Open DHCP, Right Click on the DHCP server name, choose properties, and select the DNS tab.

You'll want to check this checkbox: Enable Dynaic Updates
You'll also probably want to select this radio button: Dynamically update DNS A and PTR records only if requested by the DHCP clients

If you have one DHCP scope setup, you perform this by right clicking the DHCP server name. If you have multiple scopes, you can also allow dynamic updates for selected DHCP scopes. This is done by right clickin the scope you'd like to allow dynamic updates for, and following the steps above.

Hope that helps out.
Good luck!
If this is a rather fresh AD install, still running in mixed mode, you might consider renaming your domain or recreating it.
Your problem is that you have a single-label domain, which causes all sorts of trouble.

Clients cannot dynamically register DNS records in a single-label forward lookup zone

Information about configuring Windows for domains with single-label DNS names

How to Rename the DNS Name of a Windows 2000 Domain
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Yup can't believe I missed that - he's right  - and yes it does cause stacks of trouble......

dpaoleschiAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the tips,

The DNS zone is not active directory integrated, it is a standard primary zone. DHCP is setup correctly to allow dynamic updates, both secure and unsecure. The strange this is that the reverse zone has the ptr records for all of the clients, but no a record to match in the forward zone. I have tried recreating the zone, but I get the same results.
dpaoleschiAuthor Commented:
I have looked at the single-label post and believe it is on the right track. When the AD was setup (not by me) the domain name used was local. Thus the server is w2k-server.local. Is that what is ment by a single-label domain? As opposed to
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