2 webapps. How can a User login ONCE can access both webapps.

I have 2 webapps. appA and appB.

1. User login via appA
2. appA put a object in the session for tracking and to determine whether the user has login or not.
3. After login, user can view pages in appA

Now I add a new app -- appB.
I want the user login in appA can also access resource in appB. i.e. user login once can access both apps. How can I do that ? I have searched some info about session sharing across Applications, but it seems dosn't work.

my appA archecture is a *.ear file contains:
- appA.war ( using struts framework)
- appA.jar ( using EJB as the business layer)

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What application Server r u going to use?
vincehonAuthor Commented:
Thx for all replies

JBoss 3.2.5
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