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Hoping there is a simple solution. My computer came configured with Adobe Acrobat and a PDF Writer. However, if I choose the PDF Writer as my printer, the computer justs hangs, and I need to close the program (whatever program I'm trying to write the pdf from). Looking at my Control Panel, the PDF Writer is configured for the LPT1 port. Don't know if this is the problem? Same problem occurs if I try to distill a postscript file from Acrobat Distiller.
Just want to write a pdf file.... Can anyone help?
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Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
Which version of Acrobat do you have? Do you also have a "Distiller" printer (or, one named "Adobe PDF")? If so, use that instead of the PDFWRiter.
jalvord1Author Commented:
I have version 4.0. I do have a "Acrobat Distiller" printer as well. I tried using that and printing to file. I can then open Distiller and produce a pdf, but that's kind of cumbersome. Any thoughts on why the Acrobat PDFWriter printer doesn't work?
Thanks for your help....at least now I can get a pdf made......but I'm hoping I can find the answer to why the actual pdfwriter doesn't work.
Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
Don't print to file. Just print to the distiller printer. This will automatically convert the document to PDF. The PDF file will always be written "to file", so you don't have to specifically ask for this. When you select "to file", you are actually interrupting the PDF creation process after the PostScript file is produced, and just before the Distiller is called to convert it to PDF.

I don't know why PDFWriter does not work, and it's hard to figure that one out: Acrobat 4 is pretty old, and it's hard to find information about this version anymore. Are you really running 4.0.0, or 4.0.5? If it's not the latter, you should try to get an upgrade to 4.0.5. Unfortunately this was a complete release, and not just a downloadable upgrade (Adobe fixed a lot of problems, which means that 4.0 had a lot of problems).

You wrote in your original question that distilling a file causes the same problem. Can you please elaborate on this.

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jalvord1Author Commented:
I'm running version 4.0. Think I'll try upgrading to the newer versions, but your help has enabled me to created the pdf's using the distiller printer. Thank you!
Id like to add this to the knowledgebase. I had a similar problem when installing Acrobat Pro v8 on a fresh installation of Windows XP SP3. Quite some time ago, I started with Acrobat 4.0, upgraded, to 5.01, upgraded to 6.0, then last year or so upgraded to v8.0.

Based on that history, and some hints from PETER AGUINALDO (https://www.adobeforums.com/webx/.3bc3b15d/36), I guessed that my problem originated with messages Id seen when installing Acrobat 4. It wouldnt let me proceed unless I had already installed a Postscript printer.

So, I uninstalled v8, and installed a Post-Script printer. I chose somewhat randomly an HP Color Laser 4550 PS, on port FILE. I dont actually have this printer, but I just needed the Postscript to be installed.

After that I re-installed v8 and, surprise, problem solved, there was a correct printer port assignment, even before running any of the v8 updates.
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