Frontpage Hit Counter Will not Work

A Friend of mine hosts their own website that I built and I can't get the Frontpage Hit Counter to start counting.  This website is running on SBS 2003 and the Frontpage Extensions are installed.  I have tried publishing the web internally and just editing the html home page.  

Is there something else I'm missing?
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this might help.  it's just something i found on the interet..  i can't help with this posting though.  i don't use frontpage extensions on my web host.

Checking FrontPage Counters

When you use the Frontpage counters on many of your pages, there's no decent way for you as an the proprietor of your web site to have a quick glance at the counters on each page without visiting them all.  The Frontpage Extensions keep those counts using files in the _private subdirectory of your web root, and they bear the name of the web page they're on with ".cnt" appended.  This little script reads those files and displays the counts inside them.  This script does things the hard way - there are installable MSWC components (if they're installed) that could read the data without using a text stream - but you still have to enumerate and loop through the available counters.

' build path to .cnt files...
WebPath = Request.ServerVariables("APPL_PHYSICAL_PATH")
FileSpec = WebPath & "_private"
' stolen code to get list of files in folder...
DIM fs, f, f1, fc
SET fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
SET f = fs.GetFolder(FileSpec)
SET fc = f.Files
' loop through each file in folder...
  ' is it a cnt file...?
  IF RIGHT(,4) = ".cnt" THEN
    SET mfo = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
    SET tf = mfo.OpenTextFile(FileSpec & "\" &
    ' file has format: FPCountData 00000000000
    ' get the numbers out of it...
    WHILE NOT tf.AtEndOfStream
      fname = LEFT(,LEN(
      CntData = tf.ReadLine
      Count = MID(CntData,INSTR(CntData," ")+1)
      Response.Write(fname & ": " & Count & "<BR>")
    SET mfo = Nothing
    SET tf = Nothing
does anythign display where the counter should be ??  

sdcokerAuthor Commented:
Yes, just the number 1.

When people hit the site, the number doesn't change.
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it might be looking at the computer that is hitting the counter.  if it's the same computer ip (like  a proxy server, or gateway, etc.) the counter won't change if it's within a certain period of time..

if this doens't answer it, i'll keep looking..

sdcokerAuthor Commented:
This SBS 2003 server is acting as the Gateway and Proxy Server.  We have had the counter on their for a couple of weeks and it's never changed from the number 1.  People are hitting the site from outside and inside.  The web address is
She just now took it off so I'll tell her to reinsert it.

i'll keep looking for ya..
sdcokerAuthor Commented:
Do you place this code somewhere in here?

<address style="text-align: center">
            <!--webbot bot="HitCounter" i-image="0" I-ResetValue="0" I-Digits="0" U-Custom startspan --><img src="_vti_bin/fpcount.exe/W:/?Page=index.html|Image=0" alt="Hit Counter"><!--webbot bot="HitCounter" i-checksum="26977" endspan --></address>
      <address style="text-align: center">
      <address style="text-align: center">

Are you saying that placing this code will make the number of hits show up in the index.html.cnt file in the _private folder?
i don't use frontpage extensions on my web host, so i can't really help you out with the code from above..  i found it on a website..

try taking a look at

or try removing the counter, putting it back into the page, and then republishing the site, and see what happens.

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