Uninstalling a service

I have a service that I installed incorrectly with the instsrv.exe resource kit tool.  I pointed it initially at the file I wanted to install as a service, not realizing I needed to be using the srvany.exe tool and then editing the registry to go to the path of my application

"instsrv servicename remove" isn't working.  I get Error 1783 from EnumServicesStatus on line 184

No idea what this is and I can't find anything to tell me.  Anyone got a way to do a slightly more manual removal of the service?  I already tried removing the registry keys in the currentcontrolset/services area of HKLM to no effect.  That just messed up the entry in the service manager even more.  I was able to rebuild the key again so I can work with it in the services console though.
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map000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
sc delete <service name> works for you?
sc I suppose is in the Resource Kit
msluneckaAuthor Commented:
d:\nt\sdktools\reskit\content\instsrv\source\instsrv.c: Error 1783 from EnumServ
icesStatus on line 184
msluneckaAuthor Commented:
That worked!  Thanks!
you're welcome
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