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I would like to create a separate network so that my backups are run across the wire separately from my production environment.  My basic plan is to install an available Cisco 24 port switch and not connect it to the rest of the network.  The servers will have a separate nic installed configured with a ip address distinct from the production environment.  The backup jobs will be forced over this little network.  Good idea?  Any issues I should be aware of installing multiple nics in server?  I don't think so but correct me please.  I don't think it is benefical if 2 nics are assigned in the same subnet but separate subnets shouldn't be a problem.
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gjohnson99Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Two Nic two lans make things more complex but is do able .

On my office network I went to faster cards and with load shareing. (IE. made the network fast not more complex) .
I'm not expert at this but I know that Load balancing will be involved when having a server with two nics ,and you may some conflics when users try to connect to a dhcp server if one of the nic stands in front of the other,
I have the exact same setup on my network to seperate backup traffic from the production network.  Works like a charm.
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