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I'm helping a co-worker installing a wireless dlink  router on his home,so that he can use his laptop anywhere in the house,the scenario is the isp issue one ip only, the isp cannot see the router to assign an ip on the wan,it's ok, we manage to connect the router to a desktop computer that is always on, we have a second network card on the desktop computer,the picture is: from the isp modem to the desktop nic1, from the dektop nic 2 to the Dlink router ,now the problem is I'm sharing nic1 to provide the wireless laptop a connection ,I tried anything and always get conflics, is there a trick or simple way to do this,
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OK, ok, here's the ideal setup in my opinion.
ISP--->Cable Modem---->Router<

So basically you have the Cable modem plugged into the WAN side of the router and the PC connected to the LAN side and the Laptop will connect wirelessly to the LAN side.

You only need one NIC in the PC.

If you have a static IP address, go to the settings on the router and give it that address....for example 65.13.24..34 (or whatever)
If you have dynamic IP than set the router to Obtain Address Auto in the WAN settings.

Enable DHCP on the router, the router will assign IP addresses to the PC and Latop with addresses like and and the router's ip on the LAN side will be

If you dont want to use DHCP for the LAN side and want to assign IP addresses manually.  Then set them to the same subnet.  Most of the time you use 192.168.0.something - subnet mask and the gateway will be

So here's what we've got
                                                WAN                        LAN           /-----pc  mask gateway
ISP--->Cable Modem-------><
                                                                                               \-----laptop mask gateway

If you use DHCP, all these settings should be set for you.

If he wants to add additional computers, it's pretty easy, just plug em into the LAN side of the router and either use DHCP or assign them the next available ip (in this example

Why donot you connect

cable modem <-> router  
                |    |
                |    |
               NIC1 NIC2
Not sure why you want to share NIC for wireless connection.
or I am not understanding what you are saying..

Just connect cable modem to router and then the router should give wireless signals that can be picked up by the laptop

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escapetimminsAuthor Commented:
He needs one computer getting the internet by wire and another laptop to connect wirelessly,

Thats what I thought.
Then install the router as per the initial configurations that you must see in the userguide .
If he has a inbuilt wireless card in his laptop ,make sure it is turned on. mostly that turn on switch will be somewhere outside the laptop depending on the company .
if it is external , make sure the power light is on ..

then go to network connections and see if a wireless connection icon is present...

If there are no involvement of WEP ,you should be good to go.. Generally there will be  network icon popping up in the system tray saying it is seeing a wireless connection and that it wants to connect to it..
escapetimminsAuthor Commented:
Sunray 2003
When I successfully established a wireless connection last night between the desktop computer and the laptop thru the wireless, the desktop computer looses the connection to the internet ,
any Ideas?
So you have connected wireless to the laptop and wired to the desktop , right ?

So if you first connect the desktop using a wired connection and then turn on wireless in your laptop ,
your desktop internet gets cut , is it ?

check the firmware version on your router and see if it is the latest. go to dlink website and get the latest and update it.

restart and check how it goes.

Is this the first time you are setting wireless in your friend's place or you are repairing a troubled connection ?

escapetimminsAuthor Commented:
I didnt want to go there but it's a long story
the first time when i went there ,I made the wireless connection work right away by giving the gateway setting for the Lan,after a while they got viruses and adwares,so they asked me to format both computers so I did,I admit that this is my first time setting up a wireless connection,and I'm starting from scartch,but logically i know how it works but i have two problems is the ISP wasnt able to assign an ip for the wan of the router ,so I choose to share it from the desktop computer,and use the router like an access point but I keep getting errors and conflics,
thanks for any suggestions
(I dont have it in front of me right now but I'm considering any input on this)
escapetimminsAuthor Commented:
I need to know if I should force the installation from the wireless router and make the wan work on the router or is there an easy way to share a wireless connection from the desktop computer without loosing the internet connection

Super... good explanation..

escapetimmins ,
I would suggest you do the same configuration as described above by heyiou..

I am not still clear about your question
>> I need to know if I should force the installation from the wireless router and make the wan work on the router or is there an easy way to share a wireless connection from the desktop computer without loosing the internet connection

But all you have to do is share the internet connection between desktop , laptop ....
escapetimminsAuthor Commented:
Sorry Sunray
I ment to give you 150 points how can I rectify that???

I posted a question in CS

A Mod would come and open this question and then you can do a split

You must first read the documentations of the device because some Operating System sometimes mistaken new installed devices for something else...let say for example the Dlink wireless  card where in you must first install the driver before configuring the hardware...the same also in Dlink Router...
Your configuration is simple, after sharing your nic card the ip address automatically turn to subnet mask (Your Local interface)

I suppose your router had set to this ip as well that is why there is a conflict. Set your router to gateway
escapetimminsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the suggestions,
Actually I had to return the D-link router back and replace it by a Linksys one and the ISP was able to assign an ip to it right away wich the other one didnt work,
thanks again
I run a Dlink wireless Home lan and all I had to do was do a copy of the cable modem's mac/ip in the router wizard setup of the dlink router (DI-514).  After that, I set both my desktop and laptop up for dhcp (pulling from the router).  It runs fine and has lasted a long time.  As far as viruses and adware go, formating the hd sure is a drastic step.  One better would be to use pest patrol or something similar.  Zone Alarm is also a good bet to have installed.  Just some food for thought.
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