Monitor will not display 16 or 32 bit color

I recently set up a Windows 2000 Pro system at work.  I've installed the correct display driver but if I attempt to change the display settings to anything other than 256 colors the screen reverts to black and white.  I've tried several refresh rates (at manufacturer's recommendation levels) and a couple of other drivers.  No luck.  Is my display adapter going out?  Or is it the monitor?
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Did you check the monitor driver? It is usually that, the video driver, or the video card itself is bad.

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test the monitor on another system,

or test the video card on another system, so you'll know what is bad
Some cards have on-board memory which you can re-seat by taking it out an putting it back in. You can also try re-seating the card itself or using an eraser to clean the contacts (the part of the card that sits in the slot).

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double check that you have the right drivers installed for the display adapter and the monitor settings are correctly identified as well..  if the monitor isn't listed, just go to the device manager and select "plug and pray" err "plug and play" monitor and see if that fixes the problem.....

oh yea, reboot after every change to the settings just to make sure things are getting installed properly..

rmoritzAuthor Commented:
It was the video card.  Aren't they supposed to last seven years?
They all last different. Computers/components are mass manufactored and have tons that go out with defects that don't actually effect the product until it is in use. So the lifespan varries on everything. Even the good brands have it happen but usually not as often, but you never know. Ty for the accept. Sorry bout the card :(
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