crystal reports group header information repeating when a page breaks

In Crystal v.10, I have group header information that spans and doesn't change for 10 pages.  The same type of information for the department repeats when a page breaks.  I would like for if to be printed where it is suppossed to be printed so the reader can understand what they are looking at on the report.  Otherwise, the report looks like a page full of numbers.  What is the easiest way to do this.
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bdreed35Connect With a Mentor Commented:
How is your report structured right now?  What are the grouping(s)?  Where are you displaying the group information that display across the 10 pages (Group Header, Page Header)?

My typical approach would be to put any pertinent group information in the group header.  If you multiple groups, then you would put the corresponding group information in that group header.
Now, one of the group options is to Repeat Group Header on each page.  
You can set that in design mode by righ clicking the left side where your group is, and choosing Change Group.
Under Options, there should be the option "Repeat Group Header on each page", and seletc it.
Do the same thing for each group info that you want to repeat on each page.
Sounds good.

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