Is it possible to run RealVNC from a CD?

Is it possible to run VNC from a CD, so it can be already setup for a particular user?

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cyphConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm not sure what you mean by this.

Are you wanting to install it to the computer from cd? If so yes... burn the realvnc installer to cd.

If you just want to put the viewer or server app on cd to run without installing it locally, you can do this to.

Install VNC on a computer... browse to the installation dir. (c:\program files\realvnc)

and you will see a folder called VNC4.
Copy everything in that directory to cd... and then you can run the following from cd from any computer:

VNCVIEWER.exe = VNC Viewer application to connect to vnc servers.
WINVNC4.exe = starts the "user mode" vnc server.

Good Luck!
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